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Dram Shop Cases

Have you been injured by a drunk driver?

Texas is one of 38 states in the U.S. that enforces the Dram Shop Act, which makes a business that sells alcohol and/or liquor strictly liable for any customers that consume alcohol or liquor and injure a third party due to their intoxication. Social hosts can also be held liable for guests that leave their premises intoxicated and harm someone on the road.

These kinds of accidents are due to the recklessness of the driver as well as the negligence of the host or business that allowed a person to get on the road while intoxicated. The laws that control these kinds of accidents can be complicated, but the attorneys at Hinojosa Law can help you decide how to proceed with a claim against a reckless drunk driver and the host or business-owner who allowed the drunk driver to be dangerous on the road.

Get help from a Texas attorney with experience with Dram Shop cases today.

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