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Workplace Accidents

Hinojosa Law helps injured workers to recover compensation for workplace injuries.

There are many industries in which workplace accidents are much more likely to occur. Workers in these industries take on much bigger risks, but they are entitled to reassurances from their employers. The company that employs them, their supervisors, and other higher-ups may contribute to the risks these workers face through negligence in supervision or inspection. They may, in turn, be held responsible for any injuries incurred while on the job. These kinds of accidents include:

  • Construction Site Accidents
  • Oil & Gas Field Injuries
  • Electrocution

Construction site accidents:

In a large and populous city like Houston, new buildings and renovations are in constant demand. Construction is a physically demanding occupation that often places stressful deadlines on its workers. The hazards associated with strenuous demands make construction one of the most dangerous fields to work in. There are safety measures in place that must be complied with in order to keep construction workers safe. Company owners and supervisors are largely responsible for making sure these precautions are taken, and they can be held liable for employee injuries if they do not ensure compliance.

Construction site accidents include:

  • Falling, resulting in brain or spinal injuries
  • Being buried or crushed under a collapsed structure
  • Being burned in fires or explosions
  • Getting struck by debris or objects dropped from above
  • Getting caught in or crushed by heavy machinery
  • Being injured by defective tools
  • Being injured in accidents involving large vehicles used to complete a job

Safety equipment and adequate training are required to help minimize risk. Workers must practice the appropriate safety techniques and recognize any potential dangers to prevent accidents, and supervisors must make sure employees and equipment are in compliance. Management is responsible for enacting these measures and for being prepared for accidents through knowledge of reactive methods like evacuation, fire safety, and basic first aid skills to save workers’ lives.

Companies should also provide and maintain proper safety equipment for its employees, including:

  • Hard hats to protect workers’ skulls against debris and falling objects
  • Goggles, glasses and face shields to protect their faces and eyes from hazardous fumes, sparks and debris
  • Gloves to prevent their fingers and hands from cuts, burns and machinery
  • Steel toed boots to protect their feet and toes from debris, falling items and other risks

If proper safety measures and equipment are not provided or maintained, the company may be held responsible for any injuries resulting from construction site accidents.

Oil & Gas Field injuries

The oil and gas industry is constantly in flux, but it is always a thriving industry in Houston whether it is at its peak or at an industry low. Companies consistently utilize oil and gas workers to perform very dangerous tasks. Subcontractors and third party workers in the field include, but are not limited to: wireline operators, mud loggers, pipe haulers, and rig movers.

How do these workers get injured on the job? They can:

  • Slip and fall
  • Get burned by hot sludge/oil
  • Get caught or crushed in oil rig machines
  • Be exposed to dangerous chemicals
  • Get burned in jobsite fires or explosions
  • Not receive adequate training and improperly handle vehicles, rigs, or equipment

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job in an oil and gas field accident, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim to hold the company, distributor, manufacturer, manager, and/or supervisor responsible and accountable for your injuries. The first step is to contact a personal injury attorney at Hinojosa Law to discuss the details of your case. The attorneys at Hinojosa will then recommend a way to move forward.


Workers in the industrial fields are also at a large risk for electrocution while on the job. Large amounts of electricity are needed to operate heavy machinery and to power factories, meaning workers are at risk for potentially deadly injuries should they suffer an electric shock while on the job. Electrocution can occur in several different ways, including direct contact with an exposed wire or a current diffused through water.

Electric shock can result in severe injury, including:

  • Burns
  • Nerve damage
  • Muscle damage
  • Respiratory and/or cardiac arrest
  • Loss of muscle control and/or extreme pain
  • Loss of limbs
  • Internal organ damage

The severity of electrical shock can vary due to several circumstances, including: the level of moisture in the air, the voltage of the current, and the health of the victim. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, 163 workers were killed in 2010 due to contact with an electric current, wiring, overhead power lines, buried power lines, and even lightning.

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