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Bus Accidents

Were you injured in a bus accident in the Houston area?

In a city as large as Houston, the use of public transportation continues to increase. School, city, and charter buses are some of Houston’s most frequently operated forms of public transportation. However, they pose a large risk for injury when involved in an accident. The driver of the bus, the company that employs the bus, and those in charge of inspection and maintenance of the buses may be held responsible for any injuries suffered in a collision with or while traveling in one these kinds of vehicles.

Additionally, most buses do not have seat belts, which increases the risk of injury in the case of an accident.

Below are other factors that can increase the risk of injury:

  • Negligent driving, including texting or making phone calls while driving
  • Irresponsible hiring of drivers with poor driving records
  • Overworked drivers
  • Inadequate training of bus drivers
  • Failure to properly maintain vehicle and equipment

Like large trucks, buses can inflict much more severe damage in a collision than a smaller motor vehicle. Passengers in these vehicles are at a higher risk of injury as well as those driving or riding in any smaller vehicles with which they collide. If a crash is caused by a bus driver’s reckless driving, either the driver or the bus company may be held accountable.

Medical bills for serious injuries that result from bus accidents can quickly accumulate, particularly if the injury is so severe that months or years of physical therapy or prescription medications are required. An insurance company may offer a settlement that seems like a quick solution, but the attorneys at Hinojosa Law can help to ensure the amount you receive fully compensates you for all current and future costs.

Get help from a Texas bus accident attorney today.

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